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• There are no open Research Fellow positions at the moment. Postdocs or final year PhD students with relevant backgrounds in urban mobility, transport planning/urban planning, spatial data science, and urban informatics are strongly encouraged to apply for fellowship schemes (e.g.,MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships,UKRC fellowships) with our support.

• I am looking for 1-2 PhD students each year who are interested in data-driven approaches to solving urban mobility issues. If you’re interested, please send me an email with your CV and research proposal. You are encouraged to apply for PhD studentship at UCL, which is highly competitive, though. You can find more information from the below links. China Scholarship Council-UCL Joint Research Scholarship UCL Research Scholarships (GRS and ORS)

UCL EPSRC DTP - Open Doctoral Studentships Competition UBEL ESRC Studentships The Bartlett Promise PhD Scholarship

• Visiting scholar’s applications are welcome at any time. Our group hosts 1-2 visitors (students&scholar) per year. The relevant information can be found on the CASA website - Academic Visitors, which is in line with UCL’s Affiliate Academic Scheme

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